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Being in a relationship is not easy.  Unfortunately the Police sometimes get called and things quickly escalate to another level.  Often times the reality of what has occurred does not set in until days later and the process has already begun.  After things cool down you may want to get back together but the system does not allow that to happen.  We can help to navigate you through the process, possibly to reconcile and get on with your life. 

Usually there are two tracks that occur when someone is charged with a crime involving Domestic Violence.  There are Criminal Charges and there is a Injunction hearing in a seperate court asking for a Stay Away Order.  These things take place in front of two different judges with different concerns and burdens of proof.  Scott Pettus PA is a full service firm that can help with both aspects of these charges.  At your FREE consultation we can discuss what is happening currently as well as what is likely to happen in the future. 

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