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Seal or Expunge

*Certain Entities will always be able to access these records.  For a list click here.

     Once your Misdemeanor or Felony case is done, you will want to think about having your case sealed or expunged.  Even if your case has been dismissed the arrest will still show on your record. You probably don't want your employer or potential employer to see what happened.  It could mean loss of a job or opportunity.  At the very least it means a lot of uncomfortable and unnecessary explaining to do.  Once your case is sealed or expunged most employers* will not have access to your case and will not even be able to see that you were ever arrested.  This is a big part of being able to put your experience behind you and move on. 


     This process can take up to 9 months  to complete so if you are interested in having this done it is best to start as soon as possible.  You can do this process yourself but it is arduous and most people would rather leave this to an attorney.  It does not cost much and the benefit of it lasts a lifetime.  Call us today and we can start today!


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