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Hear what former clients have had to say about their experience with Scott Pettus, PA:

I was charged with DUI because they found Marijuana in my blood.  I had one drink and did not smoke anyting that night.  I refused to take a plea for something I did not do and Scott took me to trial.  I was so nervous.  When the jury came out and said NOT GUILTY I jumped up and down and gave my lawyer a big hug.  I really appreciate what Scott did for me and I always tell people about him.

                                                                                                  - Anonymous



I drive a Truck for a living.  My CDL is how I make my money.  I have been involved in several fender benders over the years.  Scott has been my guardian angel on every one.  He has managed to get all of them dismissed and I have been able to keep working.  Thank You so much Scott, my family and I are blessed to have you.  

                                             - Javier



Scott has represented me and my friends for years.  When we get into trouble he is the first person we call.  He acts more like a friend but when he gets into court you know he knows whats up.  I recommend him to anyone.

                                                                                                          - Robert L.



When I got arrested for Trafficking my friends told me about Scott.  I went to meet him and wow this dude is like 7 feet tall.  When we went to court he always seemed to be one step ahead and he always told me what to expect.  I don't know how he did it but my case was DISMISSED!  I went from crapping my pants to walking out with nothing on me.  Much thanks and love to Scott!

                                                                                                   - Anonymous


I keep his number on speed dial.  You never know when you are going to need a good lawyer. 

                       - Terrance A.



My brother was charged with attempted murder.  Scott tried to tell us not to worry.  Said it was his job to do that now.  Within a couple of weeks he told us that this case would be over with in two and a half months, I will never forget it.  We did not know what to think but we were all worried.  Two and half months later the case was dropped. We had a huge party with my brother.  There aren't words to say how thankful we are to Scott.  Yes, we would definitely recommend him.

                               - Anonymous

There are no words to truly capture how thankful I am for what Scott Pettus was able to accomplish for my case. Upon being charged with a 2nd degree felony, I began to look up several criminal defense attorneys and Scott was the first I got in contact with. I set up a consultation and immediately knew he was the attorney I wanted to represent me despite my family and friends advising me to visit multiple attorneys. Being my first charge ever, Scott was patient and explained to me what he wanted to accomplish and took the time to answer all my questions. Scott immediately began working my case and was in contact with the courts petitioning to file the charges as a misdemeanor instead of a second degree felony. At my arraignment, Scott informed me that he was able to accomplish just that. Being fresh out of college, having a great start to my career, a felony charge would have been the end of my career and ambitions. My future was in the hands of Scott, and I truly am forever thankful to him. As he continues to work my (now) misdemeanor case, I have the utmost faith that he will deliver the best possible results. While I hope to never have the need for him again, it is with confidence that I would recommend him to my family and friends if needed.

                              - Jeffrey




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