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Traffic Ticket Defense

     No matter what kind of ticket you receive and no matter what your Driver's History looks like it is always better to have an experienced and qualified attorney at your side.  It is NEVER better to just pay a ticket.  You are always better off challenging it.  Paying a ticket is the same as pleading guilty.  When the clerk receives your payment that is when they will assess points on your Driving record.  Points have consequences.  Get enough of them and your license can be suspended or revoked.  Additionally, points will often cause your insurance rates to skyrocket. 
     We are able to have many of our tickets DISMISSED outright!  If you have a decent driving record there is a good chance that we can GUARANTEE you will NOT receive points and that you will NOT have to attend Driving School.  (Just ask if you are eligible for this guarantee prior to retaining our services.) 
     We are not a referral service or a clinic, we are a law firm. When you retain our services you will be represented by Scott and not some other attorney. Whenever you call with any question about your ticket or your case you can speak directly with your attorney, you will not have to speak with a secretary or paralegal about your case.  The personal service we provide is what makes our representation stand out and keeps clients referring our services to others. 
     We realize that most people are busy.  You have already been inconvienced enough just receiving a citation.  It is not necessary to come in to our office for representation on most traffic matters.  Many clients simply send us their information after speaking over the phone or via email and use our Payment button located on the bottom of this website.  It is not necessary to come to court after that, we will be there for you and will keep you fully informed throughout the process. 

Must confirm your eligibility for this offer prior to retaining our services.

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